Things to Do in Salt Lake City

In truth, non-residents underestimate Utah. No, we’re not biased – okay, maybe a little. But honestly, there are so many attractions in Utah that branch out from the traditional Mormon church history, which is all that anyone outside of Utah seems to know about it. If you’re looking to learn more about the Beehive State, look no further. We hope you’ll find something to enjoy, and maybe even learn something new.

Trolley Tours

Not sure where to go? No problem. Hop on a trolley and get an overview of all of the major attractions and destinations. Salt Lake Trolley Tours gives visitors the chance to experience a bit of everything on a fun, bright-red trolley car. You’ll get all the visuals along with a guided education for each location. You’ll view Temple Square, the Capitol Building, the historic district, and even the more natural attractions of the beautiful state, including the mountain range and valley.

Spot the Chow Truck

Who doesn’t love a good food truck? The Chow Truck is a privately-owned, local food truck that travels around the Salt Lake City area, making and serving haute Asian cuisine during the lunch and dinner hours. Consult their website to check their location and schedule, and once you find them, you’re free to enjoy your meal in any nearby bench or park. The Chow Truck menu varies greatly, combining classic Asian cuisine with California fusion. With bold tastes and textures, you’ll be eating an Asian taco one day and fried calamari the next.

Wheeler Historic Farm

Salt Lake City is proud of its hustle and bustle, but we haven’t forgotten our roots. Check out Wheeler Historic Farm, a working historic farm with trains running on the half hour and regular milking of cows. Walk around and enjoy the quiet simplicity in this oasis from the overwhelming technology of city life. It’s somewhat of a park, with plenty of space for dog-walking. Check out the small farmer’s market. Soak in the rural energy from the pioneer days, and when you’re all done, head back into the city for a nice dinner.

The Great Salt Lake

What’s a visit to Salt Lake City without actually taking a look at its namesake? It’s not a visit at all, as far we’re concerned! It’s known for its salt levels, which are rumored to be so high that a brick could float on top of the water (try it for yourself and see), as a result of the evaporation process leaving behind deposits of highly saline organic minerals. Additionally, the Great Salt Lake is the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River, at about 1,700 square miles, a fact not many people are actually aware of. You can hike along the trails, picnic on the shore, swim in the water, attempt to catch some fish, and even spot some bison on your way to the park. The Great Salt Lake also welcomes you with a visitor’s center if you have any questions or concerns.


 Salt Lake City Public Library

Who visits a library for fun, am I right? Wrong! Open every day of the week with no admission fee, this public library offers breathtaking, modern architecture, an on-site café, an accessible garden, friendly staff, and more. Take a break from the busy downtown to snuggle up with one of 500,000 books. And even if you’re not necessarily a bookworm, if you’re into architecture and interior design, many visitors consider this library well worth the visit.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

Right near the center of the University of Utah, whose campus is located in the northeast section of Salt Lake City, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts proudly displays, in addition to an on-site café location, an impressive inventory of nearly 20,000 paintings, artifacts, sculptures, and other art pieces. The collection at the Museum includes everything from ancient Egyptian art, Greco-Roman art, classic Italian Renaissance pieces, early photography, and more. In addition to these permanent displays, Utah Museum of Fine Arts features a fascinating rotation of temporary or traveling exhibits. The Museum has hosted everything from contemporary art shows to early scientific discoveries. Open nearly every day of a week with a general admission of only $7, not counting additional fees for the temporary exhibitions, visitors agree that there is no place to feel cultured like the Utah Museum of Fine Art.

Capitol Theatre

While we’re on the subject of the fine arts, you might be happy to know that Utah, while you might think it’s stationed in the middle of nowhere, is home to the gorgeous Capitol Theatre, featuring exemplary performances from the Utah Opera, the Ballet West, and the Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company. Built in 1913, this theatre truly only got grander in its old age. With a dazzling chandelier, a snack bar, and trained ushers, a trip to the opera or ballet in this beautiful, classical venue might be just what you need after some action-packed days in the modern city.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building

This restored hotel is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints and now features a variety of high-class restaurants, movie theatres, and gorgeous banquet halls available for you to rent and host your own special events. With over 10 stories of observation decks, you’ll be graced with beautiful panoramic views of the city landscape. The indoor fountains and stained glass windows of the historic venue are sure to add a graceful touch to your day. This elegant memorial also offers guided tours to get you the full experience.

Clark Planetarium

This fun planetarium offers a wide variety of educational experiences so fun and interactive you might not even realize it’s supposed to be scientific. If you’re interested in learning even a little about space exploration, our planet, and the solar system, Clark is the place to go. One of Clark’s main attractions is a 360-degree, wholly immersive movie screen. These films touch on everything from space travel to black holes, and are shown on rotation the whole day long.



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